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This web resource accepts submissions of any material relevant to the "Local Church" movement. This may include original essays or research articles on the "Local Church" from a theological, sociological or spiritual viewpoint, reprints or links to such articles published elsewhere, personal testimonies of experiences with the movement, either positive, negative or neutral, news tips regarding current events related to the movement, or links to relevant outside web sites.

To submit material, send email to the editor at Indicate clearly in the subject line that this is a submission for the "Local Church" Information Site. Please include the following information:

  • The type of piece being submitted. This is normally one of the following: an original essay or research article, an article that has already been published elsewhere, a personal testimony, a commentary on a piece already available on this web resource, a news tip, or a link to a relevant outside web site.
  • The author and/or copyright information for the piece being submitted, if applicable. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted, but we will withhold the author's identity on request. Please respect copyright ownership and submit original material only if you are the copyright owner or an authorized representative of the copyright owner.
  • Contact information (including at least an email address) for you as the sumbitter, in case we have questions.

The editor of this web resource reserves the right to edit any submitted material for clarity or to refuse submissions for any reason. We recognize that there are numerous conflicting viewpoints on the "Local Church" as a movement, and our goal is to present a balanced survey of those viewpoints. However, we are also committed to the Christian principle of speaking the truth in love, and we will reject sumbissions with an excessively unrespectful tone or that contain obvious false statements.

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