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"Local Church" Information Site Revived (27 June 2003)

After many years of hibernation, the "Local Church" Information Site is being revived. The editor has spent the past few weeks redesigning and cleaning up the site for easier maintenance, fixing dead links and updating posted material. The site is once again open for submissions, and we will be updating the content on a regular basis.

We apologize for the lack of maintenance over recent years. The editor had chosen to spend his time and energy on other matters, especially since a larger and more well-maintained site run by the late Jim Moran had existed. However, now that Mr. Moran is no longer with us, the editor of this site has decided to resume his efforts.

Currently, "Local Church" Information Site is being hosted at the following address: The previous URL,, is no longer in service. In addition, the previous contact email address for this site, is also no longer in service. Until we secure a new permanent email address, please use for all inquiries.

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